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List of Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festivals

Published: Mar 17, 2012 by roosevelt Filed under: Horror Festivals Views: 1318 Tags: List of Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festivals
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Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festivals around the world
Hey guys! Roosevelt here.
Film festivals seem to take on more importance each year as filmmakers use these events as high-profile premieres of their latest works. Some, like Sundance, are known for launching the careers of new directors. Others stir up excitement for new work from established filmmakers. This is my attempt to make a complete and current list of all the horror and science fiction film festivals in the world. This is a comprehensive guide for Horror/SciFi Film Festivals and Conventions.  Please help me keep this list updated!  If you have info, please send it here:
Contast us:
We've included only festivals who accept submissions from filmmakers.  There are many festivals showing already-released films.  Such festivals are not listed here.

A Night of Horror
Sydney, Australia
Another Hole in the Head San Francisco, CA, USA

Atlanta HorrorFest: Buried Alive
Horror Film Festival
Atlanta, GA, USA

Atlanta Horror Film Fest
Atlanta, GA, USA

Big Bear Horror Film Festival
Big Bear, CA, USA

B-Movie Fest
Syracuse, New York, USA
Bram Stoker International Film Festival
Whitby, England

Brussels International Festival
of Fantasy Film
Brussels, Belgium

Buffalo Screams Horror Film Festival
Buffalo, NY

Carnage Film Festival
Wilmington, North Carolina, USA

Chicago Horror Film Festival
Chicago, IL, USA

Cincinnati Horror Film Festival
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
List of Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festivals,MovieScreams,Horror
Coney Island Film Festival

Cryptshow Festival
Barcelona, Spain

Dark Carnival Film Festival
Bloomington, IN, USA

Dead by Dawn
United Kingdom

Donostia - San Sebastian Horror and Fantasy Film Festival
San Sebastian, Spain

Dragon*Con Independent Short Film Festival
Atlanta, GA, USA

Eerie Horror Film Festival
Erie, PA, USA

Etheria Film Festival

Fantastic Fest Austin, TX, USA
Fantasia International Film Festival
Montreal, Canada

Fantaspoa Film Festival
Porto Alegre, Brazil

Fargo Fantastic Film Festival
Fargo, ND, USA

Festival of Fantastic Films
Sackville St., Manchester

Freak Show Horror Film Festival
Orlando, FL, USA

London, England

Fright Night Film Fest
Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Grimm Up North International Horror Festival
Manchester, UK
The Halloween Monster Movie Challenge
Birmingham, UK

Haunted Newport Horror Film Festival
Newport, RI, USA
(may no longer be active)

Hollywood Horror Film Festival
Hollywood, CA, USA

Horrific Film Fest
San Antonio, Texas, USA

HorrorFind Weekend Horror Film Festival
Owings Mills, MD

Horror Society's Film Festival
Chicago, Illinois, USA
(they have a different theme every three months)

HorrorQuest Film Festival
Atlanta, GA, USA

H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival
Austin, TX and Portland, OR, USA
(films about "Cosmic Horror,
Weird Tales, and/or the works of
H.P. Lovecraft (or other weird fiction author)".)

Indy Horror Film Festival
Chicago, IL, USA

International Horror & Sci Fi Film Festival
Tempe, AZ, USA

It Came From Lake Michigan Film Festival
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
(may no longer be active)

Killer Film Fest
New England, USA

Late Night Horror Film Festival

Macabro: Festival de Horror en Cine y Video
Mexico City, Mexico

Madison Horror Film Festival
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Maelstrom International Fantastic Film Festival
Seattle, Washington USA

Mile High Horror Film Festival
Denver, Colorado USA

Morbido: Festival Internacional
de Cine Fantastico y de Terror

MOTELx - Lisbon International
Horror Film Festival
Lisbon, Portugal

Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival
Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Nevermore Horror & Gothic Film Festival
Durham, NC, USA

New Orleans Horror Film Festival
New Orleans, Louisiana

New York City Horror Film Festival
New York City, NY, USA

Paranoia Horror Film Festival
Long Beach, California, USA
Phoenix FearCON IV - Horror Film Festival and Convention
Phoenix, AZ, USA

Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival
Bucheon City, Korea

Rhode Island International Horror Film Festival
Newport, RI, USA

Sacramento Horror Film Festival
Sacramento, CA, USA

London, England

Los Angeles, California, USA
Modesto, California, USA

Hollywood, California, USA

Los Angeles, California, USA

South African HorrorFest
Cape Town, South Africa

Spooky Movie - The Washington, D.C. International Horror Film Festival
Washington, D.C., USA

Telluride Horror Show

Texas Frightmare Weekend

Viscera Film Festival

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