Dec 14, 2014

TELL (A Short Film by Ryan Connolly)

Gripped by the fear of possible repercussions and tortured by the guilt of his violent actions, Taylor seeks to hide his sins in hopes that they will go unnoticed and become no more than a dirty little secret. However, his plan quickly falls apart when he begins to see menacing visions and the line between reality and paranoia becomes blurred. Is it all in his head or can the dead truly take revenge?

Tell is a 2012 short psychological horror film written, directed, and edited by Ryan Connolly. It is loosely based on the Edgar Allan Poe short story “The Tell-Tale Heart”.


The Flying Man: CGI VFX Short Film HD

Check out this fantastic short film by the talented Marcus Alqueres! A new superhero is coming, only this time it’s on his terms. Will he still be considered a hero?

The Flying Man, Directed, produced, financed, edited and story by Marcus Alqueres (

Oct 30, 2014

Portal: No Escape (Live Action Short Film)

A woman wakes up in a room with no memory of who she is or how she got there. This is a short set in the world of the Portal video games created by Valve Software.

Portal: No Escape (Live Action Short Film by Dan Trachtenberg)

Oct 16, 2014

A Sci-Fi Short Film HD: Merv

Check out this great sci-fi short film that takes a slightly different take on the post apocalyptic genre as after the end of the world, Merv’s life in the lonely wastes is comfortably boring until an unexpected signal heralds the coming of a dangerous stranger, created by the talented Matt Inns!

The outstanding production value in this film is amazing given that it was shot for only a few hundred dollars, over a couple of weekends. The idea was to make a slightly different kind of sci fi story that focussed more on a character, so the vfx was treated in a subtle and basic way to support that.


LIFELINE – SUPER Scifi Animated Film

Synopsis: A brilliant scientist travels through various dimensions and realms in search of his lost love.

Lifeline is Andres Salaff’s fourth year film made at Calarts. The film won the bronze medal winner for best student animated film by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (aka Student Academy Awards). Winner of Best Animated Film at Sacramento Film and Music Festival. Aniwow Beijing White Poplar Award Nominee.

Lifeline (2009) 06:37 | 2D Animation – Sci-Fi / Romance
Produced at CalArts | California Institute of the Arts (
For more information on the film visit

Sep 16, 2014

Air – Award-Winning Sci-Fi Horror

When all the air on the planet dies at a stroke, this is how two unlikely heroes struggle to survive.

My first short film, shot in March 2010 and finished in April 2011, and the steepest learning curve I’ll ever have. Made for around £700, shot on a Sony EX3 with Letus Lens Adapter. Major thanks to everyone involved.


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