Apr 11, 2014

Live Action Sci-Fi Short Film: “Shifter”

Synopsis- Los Angeles – 2023. James Striker is on the verge of bringing down the oppressive government that has crushed all freedom in the United States.

But before he can take them on, Striker must get past a homicidal drone and an elite squad of EFT soldiers. His only advantage is the SHIFT, a process that allows Striker to transfer his mind into an identical clone body. New body, Same mission: Bring the whole system down.

CGI VFX Live Action Sci-Fi Short Film HD: “Shifter” – by The Hallivis Brothers



Feb 16, 2014


The government can track your every move. Your fingerprints set off monitors on the rail and opening a door. What happens when the same set of fingerprints are occurring at the same time in different places?

Feb 11, 2014

Spartan Ops Episode 1

HaloWaypoint Spartan Ops Episode 1″ by the fantastically talented team at Axis Animation!!

Watch the rest of the HaloWaypoint Spartan Ops episodes at http://www.youtube.com/user/HaloWaypoint

Feb 7, 2014

The Picture in the House (2009) Lovecraft

On the search for genealogical data in the Miskatonic Valley, our humble narrator seeks refuge from a storm in a most curious country home in this tale of the Cthulhu mythos.

(Official Selection of the 2009 H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival)

Jan 29, 2014

AMP – A Sci-Fi Short Movie by Triton Films

Synopsis: 10 years after leaving a war his father started, Quinn and Amp live in the slums selling illegal custom-tech just to afford the batteries that keep Amp alive.

When an old childhood friend tracks him down, Quinn is confronted with the dilemma of choosing to remain idle in a city run by the corrupt Coreley Corporation or finally finish the war he never wanted to be a part of.

Jan 25, 2014

Film Trailer – The Pandoran Age Chronicles

11 centuries from the present day Earth and Deneb 4 engage in a nuclear first strike, a holocaust, against the Arcturian Colonials, creating a dark age. Mankinds galactic civilizations falter for a millennium.

But the worst has only begun. Psychic, parasitic entities of dark matter, galvanized by humanity’s horrific war, begin to reveal themselves-soul eating, macabre, and legion. It has taken them the long centuries to cross the intergalactic void in number since the holocausts. They are hungry.


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