Sep 16, 2014

Air – Award-Winning Sci-Fi Horror

When all the air on the planet dies at a stroke, this is how two unlikely heroes struggle to survive.

My first short film, shot in March 2010 and finished in April 2011, and the steepest learning curve I’ll ever have. Made for around £700, shot on a Sony EX3 with Letus Lens Adapter. Major thanks to everyone involved.

Sep 14, 2014


In this race to survive, can you distinguish reality from imagination?. Check out “ENGRENAGE” a short film created at ArtFX, and directed by the talented Swann Chesnel, Léonard Mercier, Etienne Gaulupeau, Fabien Rosier!

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Directors : Swann Chesnel, Léonard Mercier, Etienne Gaulupeau, Fabien Rosier


CGI **AWARD-WINNING** Sci-Fi Short Film “Abiogenesis”

Watch this fantastic and breathtaking science fiction short film by the incredibly talented Richard Mans! See how a strange mechanical device lands on a desolate world and uses the planet to undergo a startling transformation, that has profound implications for an entire galaxy.

CGI **AWARD-WINNING** Sci-Fi Short Film “Abiogenesis” – by Richard Mans
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The Scientist

Synopsis: A Scientist crosses to a parallel universe where his lost love is still alive. While attempting to reunite with her by replacing his parallel self, the Scientist must face why he lost her before and why he may not be worthy of having her again.

Cast: Ryan Alosio, Abigail Eiland, Writer/Director/Producer: Matt Miller, Executive Producer/Production Designer: Melissa Malandrakis, Producer: Erich Lochner, Associate Producer: Juliet Berman, Director Of Photography: Ruben Russ, Director Of Photography (2nd Unit): Seth Johnson, Editor: David Heinz


SOMNIUM – Winner World Silver Award 2014

In a world where order suppresses independent thought, a young girl uses her creativity to break free from the oppressive societal system.

This Short Film Animation Project has been created by students of The Animation School to gain vital work experience. They study more about scripting, on-set production which includes post production where such skills as editing, sound recording, special effects creation and compositing are learnt.

Apr 25, 2014

CGI Animated: Award Winning Film “Bibo”

Check out this beautifully animated CGI short film about a lonely robot who sells ice cream. In order to survive in a severe reality he recreates an imaginary world where he lives every day, like he did during the best time of his life.

CGI Animated Shorts HD:**Award Winning** “Bibo” – by Anton Chistiakov & Mikhail Dmitriev
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